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Vault Plus Mortgages is a Mortgage Broking business that looks to empower everyday people to achieve a greater level of financial security through property ownership and investment than they might otherwise achieve on their own.

We have an innate ability to help all age groups from young people looking to purchase their First Home to mature age clients looking to downsize or invest for their future.

Whilst our core business is in helping people work towards their property and investing aspirations, a large part of what we do is ‘simple help and education’. Whether it be:

You can get all the details on all these topics in our series of Ebooks available on our website.

Your trusted specialists in Property Finance

We share insights and resources so that each client experiences the same caliber of quality.


We recognise the fact that our clients are investing and borrowing large amounts of money and they have entrusted us to act for them.

With that in mind we operate with a simple philosophy. Whether it be a property purchase or the refinance of an existing home loan, we always need to pass the following tests.

  • Is the recommendations we make in the absolute best interest of our clients?
  • Are these recommendations what we would do under the same circumstances for ourselves?
  • Have we shown the clients how to mitigate the risks involved as best as possible?
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